Social media management: definition and benefits

Social media management : définition et avantages

What is social media management? Its definition can be confusing for some people, because of the many terms associated with it: social media marketing, social media advertising, social media management… Find out without further ado the exact definition, the reasons to use social media management, as well as some tips to generate engagement on social networks!

Definition of social media management

This marketing activity translates into taking into account and exploiting the full potential of the influence of social media, the commercial development of an organization, and its employer brand. In other words, it is the operational implementation of a social media strategy.

The fields of social media management are diverse and varied, and their respective degree of importance differs according to the sector of activity. We find in particular :

  • social listening
  • social publishing
  • advertising on social networks
  • social selling (especially B2B)
  • influence marketing
  • customer service on social networks / social CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • brand advocacy, or customer advocacy

The social media management function is therefore based on governance issues. In some cases, it can be delegated to a social media manager, and/or through specialized platforms with the creation of a social room.

The benefits of social media marketing

  • Social networks represent a real marketing potential for your company. And for good reason:
  • Each new content broadcast stimulates a little more your visibility, and the conversion of Internet users;
  • Social platforms offer a better understanding of your audience’s needs, and create a privileged relationship with them;
  • Brands that are active on social media benefit more from their customers’ loyalty;
  • Your company becomes more humanized by interacting with your audience on social media channels;
  • This interaction creates a show of good faith for your prospects. When customers praise one of your offers, they naturally turn to social networks;
  • The more quality content you post, the more qualified traffic you attract to your website;
  • It’s also an opportunity to publicly demonstrate your level of customer service.

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