The importance of social media in our daily lives

Le guide complet des réseaux sociaux

Home Introduction : why social media is important (number of followers, social media marketing and social media analytics) Social media is an extremely impactful tool that is designed to build awareness, increase customer engagement and grow your business. The number of followers you have on social networks is not the only thing that counts. Because […]

How to improve your customer relationship on the web?

Comment améliorer sa relation client sur le web ?

Home Know your customers and anticipate their needs To improve customer relations, it is obviously necessary to know your customers inside out! This is a key point that any good customer service must take into consideration. Knowing your customer is above all anticipating their desires in order to better respond to them. Customer relationship management […]

Social media management: definition and benefits

Social media management : définition et avantages

Accueil What is social media management? Its definition can be confusing for some people, because of the many terms associated with it: social media marketing, social media advertising, social media management… Find out without further ado the exact definition, the reasons to use social media management, as well as some tips to generate engagement on […]